The perfumes of Ode Annecy are created in the greatest tradition of High Perfumery.

Our perfumes are the result of the exclusive expertise of the talented Eléonore de Staël, who restores the beauty, emotion and majesty of Annecy.

They combine natural “Grand Cru*” ingredients and other unique components thanks to the recognized know-how of Rémi Pulvérail and the teams of the French Atelier des Matières.

The summer perfume is an aquatic, transparent and figurative fragrance with solar facets.

The Lake Annecy, a full relaxation in the heart of a refreshing warmth. The skin heated by the sun’s rays and hydrated by the lake water, a dive into the heart of summer in Annecy. A promise of the warmth of summer to take home. A scent of fresh mint, pushed by solar facets, with a reinforced floral pole.

The summer top notes of mint and ginger give the aquatic note. The summer top notes of mint and ginger give the aquatic note. A natural white flower accord and a solar accord give the heart note. In the base note, vanilla, amber, musk and sandalwood bring the final touch to the fragrance.

Ode annecy - parfum été

The quality of Ode Annecy’s ingredients and manufacturing requirements distinguish Ode Annecy.

The Comoros Vanilla is obtained from Comorian pods prepared in a very specific way before extraction, a kind of ‘late harvest’, with a very particular olfactory profile that is not found in Malagasy absolute vanilla, which is why this extract is labeled “Grand Cru *”.

The Nanah Mint Essence is also labeled “Grand Cru *”, an incomparable olfactory profile compared to the origins usually used by perfumers (large volumes, very low quality from India or China) from fields identified on our partner’s estate in Morocco. Ode Annecy’s high- perfumery work also allows for a durability that is a guarantee of quality.

The Ode Annecy perfumes diffuse subtly and allow you to inspire your spaces for 5 to 6 months for the 200 ml, 2 to 3 months for the 100 ml bottle, based on the 3 diffusion reeds provided. The perfume is diffused thanks to the reeds. Stir them once a week to enjoy the fragrance contained in the bottle even more.

Decide on the diffusion power by removing/adding one or more reeds to find the intensity that suits your room best. The reeds used in interior fragrances, capillas, are made of natural or treated rattan or bamboo, some are also available in fibers.

After several tests, we have favored biobased and biodegradable fiber rods using corn and sugarcane and preserving forests. These reeds come from Asia and ensure a very good diffusion quality without multiplying the number of reeds. We strive to find equivalents in France or Europe to reduce our impact.

Reinventing excellence in perfumery

Modern perfumery, which has become a mass industry dominated by a handful of big players, has unfortunately relegated creativity and ingredient quality to the background. Emerging small brands, for lack of adequate resources or knowledge, have no control over manufacturing and end up producing uninteresting perfumes that look alike.

At Ode Annecy, we aim to break with this trend by creating perfumes with unique and authentic olfactory signatures, made from the highest quality ingredients, and by making our manufacturing process as transparent as possible.

The laboratory only deals with custom projects, often in small series. Our proven expertise gives you access to unique ingredients, exceptional Grand Crus, which are incompatible with an industrial approach.

L’Atelier français des matières is the only player to have implemented a binding and transparent Charter of Excellence, ensuring the authenticity of our approach.

We believe and assert that excellence can only be achieved in an artisanal model, where our internationally renowned perfumers can exercise their creativity for you without any limit or constraint.

*The Grand Cru label is an internal label awarded to ingredients in our palette that meet the following criteria:

1. A unique and superior profile of the ingredient compared to other ingredients of the same type used by perfumers.
2. An ultra-sharp sourcing identified to the parcel (often on the domain of our partner) or from sourcing from small producers who often do not have access to the market.
3. This label is also awarded to natural ingredients from our internal R&D using the new 100% ‘green’ plant extraction technology that we have developed. These ingredients are reserved for projects using our palette and are not resold outside.