We want Ode Annecy to participate in a form of redistribution.

We are privileged to be here. Water is a fragile resource unevenly distributed, and it is up to us to participate in a form of rebalancing. At the beginning of our adventure, we move forward with conviction, ambition, and humility. We are aware that we are only bringing a small stone to the building of these struggles, but we remain mobilized and invested.

We are initiating three parallel actions:

We are happy and proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet. Do you know it? (Re)discover this global movement, co-created by Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia) and carried by companies that have decided to give 1% of their revenue to environmental preservation associations. More than 2,500 companies are members of this movement.

1% for the planet

We can then choose where to direct our contribution. For this first year, we want to contribute to the Eau-Neige-Glace foundation (to discover here: and the Water Family association. These organizations intervene precisely in the water sector. They act, teach us, and we hope that our participation will strengthen resources to promote impact.

Influence and education – Around Ode Annecy, we hope to create a real community. We want to raise awareness about environmental protection issues, especially those related to water.

Many points need to be addressed, and the formats are varied, all inspired by the amazing and fragile history of our lake: innovation, cooperation, consumption, preservation, emotions, etc. This education is fundamental for action.

We are at the beginning of our story, and our commitments are still in the realm of intention and impulse. We will share the indicators and concrete actions we take and propose our plans and approaches as we develop.