At the origins

At the origins

At the origins of perfume

Home fragrances have been a key element in creating ambiance and atmosphere in spaces for thousands
of years

In ancient times, perfumes were used in religious rituals, to mask body odors and to scent homes. The Egyptians used perfumed oils and incense to honor their gods and to embalm their dead.

In the Middle Ages, perfumes were used to mask the odors of narrow and unsanitary city streets.

Rich nobles and kings used expensive perfumes to scent their homes and clothing.

Over the centuries, home fragrances have evolved to become an important element in decorating and creating atmosphere in spaces. Scented candles, incense, sprays and diffusers have become popular means of scenting homes and workplaces.

However, many people are concerned about the harmful effects of burning candles and incense, which can release toxic chemicals into the air.

Capillary diffusion home fragrances offer a healthier and more natural alternative. These fragrances use reed, bamboo or synthetic sticks to slowly diffuse the aroma into the air, without producing smoke or harmful chemicals.

In addition to their ability to scent the air, home fragrances can also bring well- being to those who breathe them in. Essential oils have been used for centuries for their healing and soothing properties.

Home fragrances have a long history and significant cultural and historical importance.

Capillary diffusion fragrances offer a healthy and natural alternative to candles and incense, while bringing benefits for health and well-being. Home fragrances are an important element in decorating and creating atmosphere in spaces, which can contribute to creating a pleasant and calming environment for all.

While there are many home fragrances available, the concept of Ode Annecy is unique. It embodies a territory, shares the symbolism of a history, and reconnects to the issues of nature and water. The brand is a call to celebrate the lake, its mountains, and nature. Like the lyrical poems of old that sang of events and characters, our fragrance is a current ode to the emotions and memories shared at Lake Annecy.