Ode Annecy is a tribute
to nature, water, and life.

We have created a product that brings pleasure,
emotion, and meaning in more ways than one

We wanted to capture, in order to better share, all the magic of Annecy, its lake, and its mountains.

We have created a range of home fragrances that inspire, are inspired, and can be breathed in… like a symbol.

We have created a high-quality fragrance that translates an emotion

For the summer, a feeling of freshness, serenity, an aquatic dimension, and a sun-kissed caress. Ode Annecy fragrances are custom-made and produced in Haute-Savoie, following the art of High Perfumery. They are unique and representative of our identity. They embody our region and the emotions it evokes

We have worked towards the most responsible design possible…

…in its environmental, economic, and social dimensions, through the choice of reusable packaging, ingredients that are 95% natural, short supply chains, and the use of water extracted directly from the lake through apnea diving.

We are continuously challenging the sourcing of our sticks to achieve a perfect balance between origin, materials, performance, and recyclability.

We have added a drop of water from the lake…

…as an intention placed for each one of you, symbolizing the strength of preserving, protecting, and cherishing water.

More was not necessary, yet less would be insufficient, because this drop is the most precious part of Ode Annecy. When you have it at home, as a gift, it carries its full value—it is a message, a reminder, a symbol.

We are incredibly fortunate to have the Lake Annecy.

This implies a responsibility of preservation and protection, as well as an obligation to remember the men and women who have worked to make it the purest lake in Europe.

We have a duty of commitment and sharing, and we are proud to be members of 1% for the Planet.

Ode Annecy is, above all, a story.
It is a story rich in values, gratitude, and responsibilities.

It is a narrative that binds us, gives meaning, awakens our memories, evokes our emotions, and connects us to water, nature, and life.
It is a fragrance like a sensory marker, an olfactory memory, responsible and supportive, a trigger of emotions.