Ode Annecy

It’s so beautiful here that we’d love to take with us the rare, shared, sensory moments we’ve experienced in Annecy. Our lake, its mountains, the generosity of light, and its elusive colors animate our memories. It’s pure happiness, an incredible balance, a natural communion that marks our memories. It’s a simple and beautiful energy, a happy serenity and that singular feeling that inhabits us. We’ve put Annecy into fragrances to capture and revive your memories, so that these emotions inspire your daily life, to pay tribute to water, life, and nature.

Ode annecy

Since ancient times, perfumes have filled spaces for the well-being of their occupants. A fragrance is a dive into emotion, the activation of a personal sense, and a shared pleasure. It’s the symbol of a flower, a place, a moment. It’s a gift for oneself or to offer to feel the magic of Annecy like a precious treasure.

Ode Annecy News

Ode d’Annecy: Launch of crowdfunding campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank

Starting May 23, participate in our crowdfunding campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank and support the launch of Ode d’Annecy through various participation options, including early bird pre-orders.